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Our all-time top seller sold 1000+ units globally!

This E36 cup holder V3 is an optimal solution to store bottles and coffee cups for all E36 models. Providing two 68mm diameter cupholders, it offers ample space to contain larger containers as well as additional small items.
This product replaces the original front ashtray and utilizes one of its screw holes to install, no further modifications are required. Made with industrial grade carbon fiber infused material that is both extremely rigid and chemoresistant. Repeatedly tested by thousands of customers, refined time after time just for the perfect fitment. 

There are 3 versions of this product

  1. STANDARD version comes with all the basics you need, two cup holders
  2. MAX version comes with a small compartment that fills in the whole center trim space
  3. EXTENDER is an optional add-on for those who want to fit extra large-size drinks such as Yeti cups or 1L water bottles (up to 90mm).

Design "Rendition" Progress

  • 2023 July V4 LCI Facelift:
    Standard version: increased size slightly for even better fitment for screwless installation; Max version: made the compartment partition removable for better versatility
  • 2023 November SP Version LCI Facelift:
    Removed SP version, replaced with "Cup Extender", fits all V3 Cupholders. If you already bought our cupholder that has "V3" embossed on it, you can add this mod to your existing one.
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◆ All products are individually customizable, contact us for custom modification inquiries.

◆ Please make sure to read the shipping policy prior to purchase.

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◆ This is a 3D printed product, we use industrial-grade machines and premium plastic filaments to deliver the most solid product we could achieve. However natural variables such as temperature fluctuation and thermal expansion could still cause minor surface deviation, and layer lines are always visible, which are totally normal and do not affect normal usage. Please be aware prior purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Geoff T.
Poor fit, missing part: E36 Front Cup Holder (Max Version)

Few appearance of the part is good for a 3D printed item. Width wise, it fits okay. It was not made to the correct length though. It’s about 4mm short. Also, it looks like it was supposed to come with a removable divider for the rear storage bin but it was missing. So now when I look at it, I’m constantly reminded that something is missing.

Cupholder showed up today.

Cupholder is awesome, good 3d printing. I great solution to the Cupholder.

Thank you so much :)


The product is fine however I ordered the Standard which didn’t come with the back compartment leaving the rest of my center piece open and your website doesn’t offer just the back compartment which I sent an email to you guys asking if you sell just the back piece but I haven’t got an email back yet

Should've orderd the MAX in the first place! lol
We didn't received any mail so far, try again with this address
We will ship you a rear part no problem

Jason M
Rendition Fab cup holders

I like them a lot, they add a nice touch to the interior, They are a little smaller than expected but no issues

We're glad you like them. Can you message us and tell us what part is smaller? We are more than happy to send you a replacement if theres something wrong with our product.

Marckus Ramirez

I have y revive my order