About Rendition

Rendition, the definition of unique expressions.

We are a team formed by product designers, mechanics, and engineers from Taiwan. We have a great passion for vintage cars (especially BMWs), we drive them and tinker around with them on a daily basis. However, besides the thrill these raw machine provides, there is always some shortcoming in terms of modern standards. We are here to fix that.

With modern tools such as 3D scanning and printing, we are able to do multiple "renditions" in a small amount of time, to deliver the best innovative product we could make. Although a lot see 3D printing as a disadvantage in terms of structural integrity or aesthetics, we utilize it to produce shapes and forms that are impossible to make with traditional manufacturing methods. With innovative methods and industrial-grade materials and machines, we are able to achieve the highest quality, even surpassing other traditional manufacturing methods.

After experiencing great success and overwhelmingly positive reviews in our local community, we decided to share our passion internationally; Rich in function, space-optimized design, and genuine innovations, we aim to bring bespoke vintage car products to another whole new level and revitalize your vintage vehicle to run another 20 years.

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