overview of usb charging module system

Uncovering the Evolution Behind the Best Selling E36 USB Module

Making of E36 USB Charging Module

The Best Selling Product 

Our E36 USB Charging Module has reached enthusiasts worldwide, with hundreds of units sold. Its success lies in its fully modular design, allowing for versatile combinations.

Rendition Modular System overview with description of functions


Original modular design for everyone’s mix and match

The first design began with an OEM-inspired blank cover and with two snap fits. We then found out that the tolerance requirements are way too high, resulting in a lot of failed batches turned into waste. Too loose, the whole module will be pulled out when the user is detaching a usb cable; Too tight, the snap will break instantly during installation. 

USB A and USB C modular unit with snap fit design

Ensuring Perfect Fitment: Rigorous Testing Before Shipment

In the early stage, we used to test fit every single USB module on our own E36s before shipping them to customers. This rigorous process guaranteed flawless fitment and product quality, but it also contribute to increased labor costs, which are reflected in the selling price.

Evolution to the 4th Generation: Smarter Snap Clip Design

Heading to the 4th generation, we've introduced a smart snap clip design with lower tolerances and significantly enhanced functionality compared to previous versions. Installation and removal are now effortless and reliable, elevating the product's usability.

Seamless Integration for Reliability and Precision

With this new design, it will be impossible to pull out the whole module when detaching an USB cable. With perfect dimension accuracy, the module has zero wobble when correctly installed.

Always on the Path of Improvement

This is our dedication to our product. Even though the product line is already selling well, there is still room for improvement. These design changes will take us weeks to apply to our entire product line, but the costs will not be passed on to the prices at all.

side profile of the USB module

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We will continue sharing our passions with all Bimmers. Rich in function, space-optimized design, and genuine innovations, we aim to take bespoke vintage car products to a whole new level and revitalize your vintage vehicle, enabling it to run for another 20 years. 

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