The Attention to Detail in Rendition

The Attention to Detail in Rendition

What Makes RENDITION Worth Choosing?

1. Materials Selection and Structural Integrity

One of our top priorities at RENDITION is choosing the right materials for each application. For non-heat resistant parts like cupholders and chargers, we use Carbon Fiber infused PETG. Not only does this material provide an exceptional surface finish, but it also has extraordinary strength compared to standard 3D printing filaments.

When durability in high heat environments is crucial, like for sunroof covers or parts near engine components, we exclusively use Polycarbonate or Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate. These materials can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius, far exceeding what a standard filament could handle. Function always comes before aesthetics for us.

detail in sunroof motor cover texture



2. Meticulous Design and Manufacturing Process

Here at RENDITION, we believe 3D printing has immense potential for producing functional, real-world parts. Through rigorous testing and refining, we have optimized our process to maximize strength while minimizing surface defects. I personally ensure that every minute design detail, from edges to curves to ergonomics, receives meticulous attention. We want our customers to have the highest quality, seamless experience possible.

3. Expertise You Can Trust

As the chief designer, I bring professional product design training from my alma mater, the prestigious University of Technology Sydney. My background allows me to apply technical knowledge and industry expertise to every project. You can feel confident you are getting exceptionally crafted parts designed by a legitimate professional.

4. Rigorous Quality Control

Quality is our number one goal. Before any product launches, it must pass extensive testing procedures. Only when I am fully satisfied that it meets or exceeds the highest standards will it be released. Your satisfaction and safety are what really matter to us.

Be sure to follow @rendition_fab on Instagram for an inside look at our process. See workshop videos, CAD designs come to life, and build projects evolve. Our team is always around in comments to answer questions. Join us as we push the limits of 3D printing and classic car customs!

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